Edible oil industry

Simplifying the Oil Industries by better Engineering

Edible Oil Industry - Bleacher

The unique CHEM PROCESS bleaching system gently removes residual phosphatides, metals, soaps, and oxidation products in addition to coloring matters. The feedstock is heated up in the Crude/Neutral Oil Economiser or Crude/Neutral Oil Heater to degumming or bleaching temperature. When there is a need for acid pretreatment, phosphoric acid is mixed vigorously with the oil in an Acid Mixer to ensure efficient mixing. The resultant mixture is then held in a Retention Tank to allow for the precipitation of gums before going to the Bleacher through the cascade vacuum dryer.

Edible Oil Industry - Deodourizer

The CHEM PROCESS Deodoriser is based on thin-film, counter-current distillation technology which drastically reduces steam consumption to less than half of what one would use in a conventional tray deodorizer. The Deodoriser handles the most demanding processing needs for a variety of stocks, in the most efficient manner besides being gentle on the oil. This ensures an extremely high steam-to-oil interfacial surface without buildups or stagnant zones. Fatty acid removal occurs instantaneously and hydrolysis is avoided. Lower temperatures and lower residence times result in lower trans-fatty acid formation.

When acid pre-treatment is not required, the feedstock is fed directly to the Bleacher after heating through the cascade vacuum dryer. Bleaching Earth and Activated carbon is added to the oil through a dosing unit which is controlled by PLC. The Bleacher is proprietary and designed with internal partitions and a set of high-efficiency turbine agitators to avoid short cycling and provide the necessary retention time before filtration. The conjunction of a vacuum dryer with a Bleacher is what is unique about the soft bleaching whereby oil going to the Bleacher is thoroughly dried and deaerated in the cascade vacuum dryer beside the fugitive particles from the Bleacher are counter currently scrubbed by the down-coming oil and hence bleaching earth going to the hotel is avoided. The bleached oil from the Pressure Leaf Filters is transferred to the Bleached oil tank for intermediate storage.