Food Processing

Delivering Solutions for unmatched Food Processing needs

Food Processing

Due to the high rise in population across the globe, higher pollution it was the need of an hour to have different foods being processed both packed and un-packed to meet the necessary norms of hygiene and nutrition.

Our high quality manufacturing standards have made it possible to manufacture equipment for various food industries right from disinfection, faster processing, hygienic packing and valuable chemical compound recoveries.

Tomato Paste / Ketchup / Puree Plants

Tomato has been one of the highest utilized vegetables in Indian cuisine. It also enjoys the 2nd highest produced vegetable in India. Tomato is being used in different forms in different countries after being processed. Chem Process Systems Tomato plants have the diversity of getting the pulped tomato puree, peeled or semi-dehydrated vegee, and the widely used Tomato Ketchup plant. With the right combination of technologies Chem Tomato Plants stand true to all the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and FPO license norms and regulations. Chem process provides complete turnkey Solution for the processing of Tomato Ketchup and Puree plants from concept design to installation.

Egg Powder Plant

As Eggs are now considered as one of the finest sources of energy and protein, the derivatives of Eggs have taken a new turn into the market. Chem Process through its superior manufacturing facilities and sophisticated technology has the highest quality system and plants that can produce powder from fresh eggs to the desired capacity of its clients. A typical small plant can start from as low as 20,000 eggs per day processing.