Waste water treatment

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Waste water treatment

Industrial produce of Waste water or commonly termed as effluent have different characteristics based upon the solid content, soluble content and oxygen demands as per the industrial segment.

Due to various norms the water has to be treated by means of different methods separating pure water from rest of the content.

Chem process has a unique range of processes to take care of your effluent starting from

  • Forced Circulation Evaporation plant
  • Rising Film Evaporation plant
  • Falling Film evaporation plant
  • Plate type Evaporation plant
  • Natural circulation evaporation plant
  • Combination of the above systems
  • Stripping units
  • Degasifiers
  • Crystallizing units
    1. Adiabatic type crystallizers
    2. Oslo Type Crystallizers
    3. Draft and Baffle Tube Type Crystallizers
    4. Induced circulation type Crystallizers
  • Dryers
    1. Agitated thin film dryer
    2. Drum Dryer
    3. Paddle Dryer
    4. Screw Conveyor Dryer