Edible oil industry (Deodourizer)

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Edible Oil Industry Deodourizer

The CHEM PROCESS Deodoriser is based on thin-film, counter-current distillation technology which drastically reduces steam consumption to less than half of what one would use in a conventional tray deodorizer. The Deodoriser handles the most demanding processing needs for a variety of stocks, in the most efficient manner besides being gentle on the oil. This ensures an extremely high steam-to-oil interfacial surface without buildups or stagnant zones. Fatty acid removal occurs instantaneously and hydrolysis is avoided. Lower temperatures and lower residence times result in lower trans-fatty acid formation.

The Deodoriser is available in variants like single column and split column design whereby the packed column and tray column are in series or in parallel respectively. The advantage of the latter is the flexibility to use only the tray column bypassing the packed column if the need arises. Besides, the other option available is final heating and cooling under vacuum. The superior scrubbing equipment featuring structured packing and strategically placed demisters ensures minimal carry-over of the fatty acid to the hot well.