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Power Segment

The most essential criteria of modern day industries is to run continuously for longer duration without interruption. And Power supply to these industries is the essence of the uninterrupted running. This has enabled the surge of various Power Plant manufacturing companies across the globe. From small scale power production to large grid distributions, power plant suppliers are escalating to new heights. To couple to the turbine packages, Chem process Systems has a diverse range of products like the Surface condensers, Feed Water Heaters, LP-HP, Gland Vent Condensers, air extraction packages and other skid and non-skid mounted items what is commonly termed as the below the turbine equipment.

Being a ‘U’ Stamp company and one of the highest quality manufacturing standards, sets us apart from other suppliers in being seen as the preferred supplier to global giants like ‘GE, Hitachi, Siemens, Doosan etc.’ just to name a few.

Our facilities stand upto the requirement of our esteemed client in providing Heat Transfer and Heat Exchanger packages for any and all sort of Material of Constructions. Well equipped with highly sophisticated manufacturing equipment and certified Welders makes us produce the Power plant equipment performing to the last dot.