Speciality Chemicals

Specialized Fabrication with Highest Standards of Design

Specialty Chemicals

The Chemical industries are the heart of any industrial growth, and specialty chemicals play a vital role in grooming these Chemical industries. Many specialty chemicals having certain non-disclosing processes face a typical problem of identification of the right method and right processes so that no after reactions take place during the further processes.

Our highly experienced team of chemical engineers work alongside the process developers analyze their requirement and propose solution for the further systems.

Chem Process has been associated with some of the most renowned specialty chemical manufacturing companies of the world, and has the privilege of providing end to end solutions in terms of Salt and solid separation, solvent and solute separation, intermediate process development based on Thermal technologies, scrubbing volatile and non-volatile gases, distillation, crystallization, Drying, Evaporation and almost all aspects of Vacuum System based processes and reactions.