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MVR Based Evaporation System

MVR Based Evaporation System

Chem Process Systems is accredited to ISO 9001-2015 and OHSAS 18000-2007 and Supplier of MVR Based Evaporation System.

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Desalination, Ejectors And Vacuum Systems, Dryers, Distillation, Gas extraction and Generation, Evaporation Systems,
Power Plant Equipment, Specialized Fabrication, MVR Type Evaporation Systems, Crystallizers, Filters, Ethylene Glycol Vacuum Systems etc.

Chem Process System are designs, installs, and commissions Mechanical Vapor Recompression technology-based Evaporator systems.
The evaporated vapour goes via a compressor or high pressure fan, increasing the pressure by a factor of 1.2 to 2.0.

The higher pressure of the vapour allows it to supply the necessary energy and temperature difference for evaporation.
Mechanical recompression evaporation may be less expensive than TVR evaporation.

The MVR design, used for pre-concentration instead of a membrane system, operates efficiently and demands minimal maintenance.
The great efficiency of a Chem MVR Evaporator System can contribute significantly to your energy savings program.


Calandria deaeration, as well as easy examination and cleaning.
The static liquid distribution system ensures that all tubes in the calandrias receive the same amount of liquid at all times and can withstand large changes in
liquid flow and flash vapor.
Chem’s freestanding form saves floor area requirements and building expenses while also being adaptable for installation in existing structures.
Controlled vapor velocities with tangential input and outflow ensure minimal pressure losses, resulting in efficient liquid-vapour separation.
Automated CIP producers significantly reduce cleaning costs.
Instrumentation is tailored to the needs of the customer, including PLC controllers that can maximize product and quality.

Chem Process Systems is a Manufacturer and Supplier of MVR Based Evaporation System.

For comprehensive details and expert guidance, we encourage you to engage in a conversation with Chem Process Systems or our dedicated team.

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