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Concentration Plant

Concentration Plant

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd.  is ISO 9001-2015 and OHSAS 18000-2007 certified.

We manufacture and supply Desalination, Ejectors And Vacuum Systems, Dryers, Distillation, Gas Extraction and Generation, Evaporation Systems, Power Plant Equipment, Specialized Fabrication, MVR Type Evaporation Systems, Crystallizers, Filters, Ethylene Glycol Vacuum Systems, and other products.

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd.  is a market leader in the production of Concentration plants, in which we use various heat and crystallization technologies separately or in combination to meet the needs of our clients.

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd.  is unrivaled in recognizing chemical reactions, physical and thermal changes, and phase identification, with over 100 installations in India and throughout the world.
Companies, in general, use powdered or solidified chemicals and dilute or liquefy them by adding water, solvents, or other fluids/liquids.

Following use, the companies would like to collect the extra water or secondary liquid at predetermined concentrations.
The chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and fertilizer industries widely use fluidic chemicals.

These fluids can either be any Oil based viscous product, Acids or Alkalis

Chem Process has supplied plants for different applications like :

Sulfuric Acid Concentration
Amino Acid Concentration
Nitric Acid Concentration
Spent Acid Concentration
Organic Concentration
NaOH Concentration
KOH Concentration and many many more

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd.  is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Concentration Plant.
For comprehensive details and expert guidance, we encourage you to engage in a conversation with Chem Process Systems or our dedicated team.

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