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Evaporation System Manufacturer

Evaporation System Manufacturer

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 9001-2015 certified firm.
We take pride in being a forerunner in supplying process equipment designed for Vacuum, Evaporation, Crystallization, Drying, and Heat Transfer applications.

Our expertise lies in the art of evaporation, a critical process that transforms liquids into more concentrated, pumpable states.
Preserving the quality of the product during evaporation is paramount. This necessitates the use of custom-designed equipment to minimize both temperature and exposure time.

Chem Process Systems excels in evaporation technology, offering a tried-and-true solution.
We are dedicated to sustainability and efficiency, exemplified by our practice of reusing condensates as makeup water and recycling recovered crystalline products for profitable industrial production.

We offer complete solutions that seamlessly integrate evaporation with pre and post-treatment options.

With a track record of supplying over 100 plants across various process industries for the treatment of industrial effluents and the concentration of liquids, our field experience, design expertise, and ongoing research have culminated in unique mastery of this technology.

Our evaporator arsenal includes a range of types to cater to specific needs:

Falling film
Natural circulation
Rising film
Forced circulation
Plate type
Horizontal Wetted Tube
Combination types
Thermal vapor compressions (TVR)
Mechanical vapor compression (MVR)


Heat Source: We harness various heat sources, including steam boilers, hot oil baths, or electric heaters, to efficiently vaporize the liquid.
Condenser: Our condensers play a crucial role in converting vapor back into liquid form. Options include water-cooled, air-cooled, or vacuum condensers.
Separator: Separating condensed liquid from gas is vital. We provide solutions ranging from simple settling tanks to advanced centrifugal separators.
Control System: Precision is our hallmark, and it’s achieved through our control systems that regulate temperature and flow. Options include simple on/off controllers or more advanced PID controllers.


Product concentration
Dryer feed pre-concentration
Volume reduction
Water/solvent recovery

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd. stands ready as a trusted Evaporation System Manufacturer.

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