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Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Plants

Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Plants

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd. proudly holds ISO 9001-2015 certification and is renowned for its expertise in Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Plants.

Discover our Multi-Effect Evaporation Plant, featuring Forced Circulation, Falling Film, Rising Film, and Natural Circulation designs tailored to diverse effluent treatment requirements.

We offer Crystallizers and dryers to meet Zero Liquid Discharge norms, producing solids for reuse and purified water for applications.

With nearly 30% market share in MEEs for effluent treatment, we offer cutting-edge solutions.

Innovating thermal treatment with multistage evaporators, we extract dissolved solids to produce pure, potable water that meets stringent purity standards.

The increasing demand for pure, potable water has led to the exploration of thermal treatment solutions.
Chem Process Systems addresses this need with its innovative and straightforward thermal treatment technology.

Our process utilizes simple multistage evaporators to remove dissolved solids, resulting in pure, usable, and potable water that meets prescribed norms.
Our solutions find applications across industries including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, textiles, power, water treatment, and various chemical industries.

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd., a reputable provider of Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Plants, dedicates itself to addressing various industrial requirements.

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