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Ejectors And Vacuum Systems

Ejectors And Vacuum Systems

Chem Process System are manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Ejectors and Vacuum Systems, Dryers, Distillation, Gas Extraction and Generation, Evaporation Systems, Power Plant Equipment, Specialized Fabrication, MVR Type Evaporation Systems, Crystallizers, Filters, Ethylene Glycol Vacuum Systems and more.

Operating on the Venturi principle, our Ejectors function through both single-stage designs and those incorporating eco-nozzle technology.
Ejectors guide supplied air through a connection into the venturi nozzle, where it undergoes acceleration and compression.

After passing through the nozzle, the accelerated air slows down, creating a vacuum. The aspirated air and the compressed air escape through the silencer.

We manufacture various types of Ejectors and Vacuum Systems, such as Steam Jet Ejectors, Liquid Jet Ejectors, Ethylene Glycol Ejectors, Vacuum Pumps, Steel Degassing Systems, Air Extractions, Thermo Compression, Ring Jet, Educators, Jet Heaters, Jet Mixers, and Silencers.


Petrochemical and Chemical Industries.
Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, and Wastewater Treatment.
Metallurgical processes to create an oxygen-free environment for heat treatment and brazing
Textile Industries and etc.

Chem Process Systems provides Hydraulic Medium Water Testing to 100 bar, Pneumatic Testing, Vacuum Testing, Helium Leak Detection, Dye Penetrant Testing Procedure and Visual and Dimensional Inspections, X-Ray Testing, Ultrasonic Test, Tensile Testing, Chemical Analysis.

Chem Process Systems is a supplier of Ejectors And Vacuum Systems in Gujarat and various locations like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Gandhinagar, Junagadh, Gandhidham, Anand, Navsari, Morbi, Nadiad, Surendranagar, Bharuch , Mehsana, Bhuj, Porbandar, Palanpur, Vapi, Gondal, Veraval, Godhra, Patan, Dahod, Botad, Amreli, Deesa, Jetpur.

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