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Manufacturer and Supplier of Evaporation System

Manufacturer and Supplier of Evaporation System

Chem Process Systems is an established leader in the supply of process equipment for Vacuum, Evaporation, Crystallization, Drying and Heat Transfer applications.
Evaporation starts with inputs in a liquid form and outputs are more concentrated but still liquids in a pump able state.
It is important that the product under evaporation is subject to minimum thermal degradation, hence bespoke design of equipment is mandatory to ensure that the temperature and time of exposure minimal.

Chem Process’s evaporation technology provides a proven solution, where they reuse the condensates as make-up water and recycle the recovered crystalline products for profitable industrial production.

We offer complete solutions by combining evaporation with other options of pre and after treatment.
Having supplied more than 100 plants in process industries for the treatment of various industrial effluents and concentration of many liquids, the field experience from the design and manufacture along with continued research and development have resulted in a unique expertise in this technology.

Evaporator Types:

Falling film
Natural circulation
Rising film
Forced circulation
Plate type
Horizontal Wetted Tube
Combination types
Thermal vapour compressions, TVR
Mechanical vapour compression, MVRProduct concentration

Evaporator Applications

Product concentration
Dryer feed pre-concentration
Volume reduction
Water/solvent recovery


Heat source: They utilize the heat source to vaporize the liquid. This can be a steam boiler, a hot oil bath, or an electric heater.
Condenser: The condenser is used to condense the vapor back to a liquid. This can be a water-cooled condenser, an air-cooled condenser, or a vacuum condenser.
Separator: The separator is used to separate the condensed liquid from the gas. This can be a simple settling tank or a more complex centrifugal separator.
Control system: The control system controls the temperature and flow of the liquid and gas. This can be a simple on/off controller or a more complex PID controller.

Chem Process Systems is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Evaporation System.
For further details and professional assistance, it is recommended to have a conversation with Chem Process Systems or their team.

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