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Power Plant Equipment Manufacturers

Power Plant Equipment Manufacturers

Chem Process Systems manufactures and supplies various types of Power Plant Equipment.
We are manufacturers of two types of power plant equipment:

Surface Condenser

Chem Process System has successfully designed and manufactured over 500 Surface Condensers.

We have developed expertise in versatile yet robust surface condenser technology that can function under various settings. Our dedication to providing the best to our clients drives us to create condensers with passion and devotion.

We have constructed condensers with capacities of up to 220 TPH and rectangular condensers with capacities of up to 650 TPH.

Types of Surface Condenser:

Top steam Inlet
Axial steam Inlet
Dual steam inlet

Feed Water Heaters

Chem Process Systems offers high-quality Feedwater Heaters to the power generation, chemical, petrochemical, and marine engineering industries.
We design and produce both low and high-pressure Feedwater Heaters, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the plant’s design requirements.
Durable tube bundles and proven venting methods ensure long-lasting damage protection and optimal heat transfer.
We provide a comprehensive range of Feedwater Heaters for nuclear and large-scale conventional power facilities, including:

U-type Feedwater Heaters
Duplex Heaters with U-tube bundles
Heaters with Drain Cooling and Steam Desuperheating sections

Types Of Feed Water Heaters:

LP Water Heaters
HP Water Heaters


Power Generation
Marine Engineering

Chem Process Systems proudly serves as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Power Plant Equipment.
For comprehensive details and expert guidance, we encourage you to engage in a conversation with Chem Process Systems or our dedicated team.

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